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Jennifer Cooper,



  • Personalized Movement Programs

  • Orthopedic Injuries

  • Total Wellbeing

  • Shoulder, Back, Neck and Knee Rehabilitation

Jennifer Cooper is a PT OCS RYT - physical therapist, certified orthopedic specialist, registered yoga instructor and private practitioner. She has over 30 years of experience treating athletes, rehabilitating post-surgical conditions, and guiding individuals through musculoskeletal disorders. She is a graduate of Northwestern University Medical School, and is a Certified Orthopedic Specialist (a title given to less than 5% of practicing physical therapists and only available after working continuously for 10 years in the field).

Founder of Emerald Bay Physical Therapy, a boutique sports medicine private practice in Lake Tahoe, Jennifer directed operations and treated patients there for over a decade. Jennifer worked as a physical therapist for the United States Olympic Snow-Board team in 2002. She also traveled to Europe as the sports physical therapist with the USA Alpine Women’s ski team. She has successfully rehabilitated professional triathletes, runners, cyclists, surfers and every other type of recreational athlete.

In 2007, Jennifer moved to San Francisco to continue her work and sharpened her focus to the needs of entrepreneurs, and busy working professionals.  Here she founded her current practice, Flow Physical Therapy, an integrative, multidisciplinary, studio for improved well-being. After many years in the city, Jennifer has relocated her treatment space just north to Sausalito! Her private practice is now on the gorgeous waterfront of Schoonmaker Marina, offering an incredible healing space for patients and practitioners alike. 

She describes her work as a combination of movement medicine, with manual manipulation, in a style akin to a life coach. Over a decade ago, she was one of the very first to combine a boutique setting and style of true individual customized care using the science of physical therapy, yet borrowing concepts from complementary disciplines such as pilates, yoga, massage, and personal strength training. Jennifer uses her years of experience and knowledge to curate customized programs for each of her clients using some combination of these various modalities in order to optimize her client's healing with a program that is sustainable for their lifestyle. Flow Physical Therapy specializes in creating personal movement programs, based on individual goals, past medical history, and future possibilities. One-on-one private and personal work allows healing, growth, change, and improvement in her clients. 


In addition to private practice, Jennifer participates in corporate retreats, community speaking engagements, and other custom educational programs. She has consulted with Bay Area start-up businesses on rehabilitation products and is available for consultation.

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