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Therapeutic Exercise Zoom Sessions


Quality, customized, one-on-one treatment should be available wherever you are. That's why we have expanded our therapeutic exercise offerings to remote Zoom appointments. 

Through online Zoom meetings, Jennifer provides high-quality and curated movement medicine sessions that cater to your specific needs, regardless of your location. She utilizes the power of technology to deliver personalized care and guidance, ensuring that you receive the best possible personalized treatment, allowing for flexibility and convenience in your therapeutic fitness journey.

Through Zoom appointments, Jennifer can administer physical therapy remotely on a regular basis, with regular check-ins, customized at whatever level of guidance and treatment that you need!

Please contact us by email or phone for pricing and booking.


Customized Therapeutic Exercise Programs

Jennifer's unique approach to physical therapy takes into account your past athletic and movement history, combined with your current injuries and pain, to set the course of action for your future goals!


She will create a specialized home program by updating your exercises, investigating the best protocols for your body, and answering your musculoskeletal and orthopedic questions. ​


Providing Quality Care Wherever You Are

Our TeleMedicine clients are located all over the globe!

Beverly Hills

Palm Springs

Las Vegas

Martha's Vineyard



Private Yachts

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