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Personalized Physical and Wellness Therapy


We are the Bay Area’s original boutique-style, personalized, one-to-one physical therapy medical-fitness practice. We offer a range of rehabilitation services, movement medicine, and mindfulness-based practices. 



     Physical therapist, certified orthopedic specialist, and registered yoga instructor Jennifer Cooper has pioneered a groundbreaking approach to physical therapy through the establishment of her exclusive one-on-one boutique style clinic. At our clinic, we prioritize your experience and strive to optimize your results by ensuring that you receive personalized care from the same expert therapist throughout your entire visit at every visit, with recommendations tailored precisely to your unique conditions and preferences. By implementing a concentrated and focused method of therapy, we can minimize the number and frequency of your visits while maximizing the effectiveness of each session. Jennifer's expertise provides concentrated therapeutic movement services and custom curated therapeutic exercise programs that target your specific musculoskeletal needs. Whether you seek rehabilitation, relief from chronic pain, or a desire to incorporate therapeutic movement into your daily life, Jennifer is dedicated to guiding you towards achieving your goals.


     Based on your past medical history, current physical conditions, and future goals, Jennifer conducts an in-depth analysis to curate personalized therapeutic exercise programs using a variety of modalities to best suite your preferences and lifestyle. These modalities include strength exercise, stretching, pilates, yoga, and manual massage with an emphasis on patient education and proper body mechanics and ergonomics.  We aim to empower our clients with knowledge and understanding of their unique musculoskeletal conditions and needs. We curate personalized programs that not only efficiently help you to achieve your desired results, but that also seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle and align with your preferred movement styles so that you can be consistent and efficient in your journey towards healing and optimal well-being.

We are now offering remote Zoom appointments! 

Prioritize your physical wellness with expert care wherever you are!

Please visit our TeleMedicine PT page to learn more.

Flow's Approach to Therapy:


Personal one-on-one session. No double booking.  No other personnel performing the treatment!

Physio-balls, Foam roller, Pilates Reformers, Yoga props, Cardio and weight training equipment, and comfortable treatment tables!

We create movement/ mindfulness and sport specific programs based on your individual needs.


"Jennifer works in collaboration with those who have an interest in addressing past injuries, enhancing their current physical condition, and optimizing their future potential. Leveraging her extensive expertise and years of experience, she offers valuable guidance, conducts movement analysis, and curates customized programs to ensure patients achieve their desired outcomes."
- Todd, client since 2022

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