One-on-One Physical and Wellness Therapy
~ for total well-being ~
We are the Bay Area’s original boutique-style, personalized, one-to-one physical therapy medical-fitness practice. We offer a range of rehabilitation services, movement medicine, and mindfulness-based practices. We are offering both in-person physical therapy, as well as online virtual treatment in this new era of healthcare!
Contact us today to inquire about our live and TeleMedicine Services! 

What you can expect from in-person treatment at the Flow studio....

-Masks Required


-Hands washed or sanitized


-True HEPA Filter running during business hours 


-Front door open as weather permits


-Any exercise portion of PT can be performed outside, by request


-Any manual work can be performed in the open gym space, by request

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Feedback from our clients...

"I thought it went much better and was much more effective than I had anticipated"

"Jennifer Cooper has quickly adapted to current conditions! She has been extremely helpful to me. Her virtual sessions are an excellent and effective way to help you maintain your regimen.
Exercise, conditioning, strength!"

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A Unique Approach to Therapy


Personal one-on-one session. No double booking.  No other personnel performing the treatment!

Physio-balls, Foam roller, Pilates Reformers, Yoga props, Cardio and weight training equipment, and comfortable treatment tables!



Jennifer is the best! She is extremely knowledgeable, wise, understanding, delightful and the best physical therapist you can get to support you through recovery and beyond! A year after a spinal fusion I'm pain-free, moving better than ever and have learned so much to prevent future injury. I highly recommend her!"

Alice age 50’s

Business woman, and weightlifter

Very diligent. I just started seeing Jennifer and she is very focused on figuring out the foundation of my issues and also creating an exercise plan that fits in with my current exercise regimen so that it is more likely that I'll actually do it! She is the first person that could explain my CT Scan and MRI results in a way that I understood and it was also obvious that she has a deep understanding of the human body."

Anthony age 40's

Investment funding and skier

Best PT ever! Hire her! I highly recommend Jennifer. I saw her for the first time and she gave me so much information regarding my plantar fasciitis that not even the podiatrist had been able to provide. I came away with exercises, understanding, and was so happy with Jennifer's knowledge, professionalism, and careful explanation where many other providers simply don't feel its necessary for patients to understand their conditions and to know what specific measures to take to get better!!"

Barbara M age 55


Personalized, Thoughtful Care. I have joint hypermobility causing years of chronic neck and back pain and have been doing PT with Jen at Flow Studios for a little over a year. I have worked with many PTs in the past, none of whom have Jen’s experience, professionalism, and dedication. It was not until Flow that my efforts started to pay off and my joints began to stabilize. Jen provides thoughtful, personalized care, which goes a long way in a world where it is difficult just to get someone to give your injury the time of day."

Alicia age 20’s

Medical student and former dancer

Simply the Best. I have seen Jenny for several pain issues, most notably back pain following spinal surgery. She is focused, creative, thoughtful and flexible in designing a program and adjusting it as needed. I always leave Flow feeling physically and mentally better than when I arrived."

Bill age 65


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